Hill Country Wedding Caterer

Hill Country Wedding Caterer

About Smoke in the Hills Catering

Smoke in the Hills BBQ is a home-style catering company for couples’ weddings in Boerne, Texas. This family-run business, owned by husband-and-wife team Brad and Kelly, serves local events large or small. The company takes shared and family recipes and — after smoking to perfection — makes savory BBQ dishes for couples’ weddings.

You will find American style cuisine in the form of barbecue with Smoke in the Hills BBQ catering company. This wedding caterer serves guests by the plate. They offer a variety of barbecued meats, as well as traditional sides, and exciting appetizers. There are plenty of barbecue and meat plate options, as well as less traditional dishes, such as bacon-wrapped chicken, grilled shrimp, and jalapeño-popper dip.

Their homemade salads and desserts are legendary. Smoke in the Hills BBQ is an accommodating caterer, providing customized dishes for couples with dietary restrictions, including options that are gluten free, lactose free, without pork, vegan, and vegetarian.

Services Offered
On the day of the wedding, once the menu has been chosen and the date set, this catering company takes care of the delivery of all food items. The entrees can be served in the form of a buffet, as hors d’oeuvres, at stations, or by servers.

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The BEST in the Hill Country!

"I have been a fan of Smoke in the Hills from previous weddings and events I've attended. When it came down to choosing a caterer for my own wedding there was no doubt that I would be reaching out to them. They are a professional, family owned business whose overall goal is to please the Bride and Groom. Not only do they offer a variety of delicious food but their pricing is reasonable and service is outstanding! They also catered my rehearsal dinner the night before. They are by far my favorite local catering service!"

~Kilee Overley, Getting Married 4/9/2021

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